Delilah Rose was created January 2014, by "Rose" Alcy. A vision for many years.


Always fascinated by how Rose can re-create peoples looks and her passion for clothing, growing up she did not have the options to study or venture into the fashion world like she wished for, as most can relate, she had to stay on the path where they believed fashion was not a reputable career coming from a small town, or was to competitive to even risk trying. As she grew older, being able to make decisions on her own, she knew she couldn't give up what she loved doing because others did not believe in it. So she began crawling and once she started; she knew she was not going to give up.

With determination, ambition, love and passion Rose made "Delilah Rose" a dream come true. Delilah Rose consists of bodycon dress, high waist skirts, colourful bathing suits and custom designs for all shapes and sizes, we offer a range of options for all kind of women; working with fabric such as cotton, lace, neoprene and more. Rose continues to learn about her craft and reminds us that it isn't what comes after the popularity of the success but it’s about making women feel sexy, and unique in their own skin. Delilah Rose is for the daring, the risqué, the girl that is not afraid to be different, that loves her curves, that enjoys to have fun, and try something new.

"The love, focus, devotion, and the indescribable passion you have for your craft is what will determine your success and to that I thank all that has pushed me, and encouraged me throughout 2014 in realizing Delilah Rose"      - Widlyne"Rose" Alcy

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